Unhappy Marriage

Unhappy marriage, unhappy relationship, unhappy love all lead to unhappy life. Unhappy marriage can come from a variety of marriage problems. These marriage problems can be categorized broadly as coming from some of these sources.

  • Death of Spouse
  • Divorce, Legal Battle, Separation
  • Barren Marriage, Infertility, Childlessness
  • Separation from Spouse due to Extraneous reasons (military, economic, health etc. )
  • Mental Mismatch, Personality Clashes
  • Extra-marital Affairs of Spouse
  • Any of these and other factors can spoil a healthy marriage or love marriage. Marriage tips or marriage help often can hardly save marriage if the planetary indications are for unhappy marriage. Vedic Astrology can provide indications of unhappy marriage by analyzing these factors in the horoscope

    1. Placement and strength of the 7th lord  (the lord of marriage)  and its relationship with other planets governing marriage and married life. The condition of the 7th house (the house of spouse) is also analyzed .
    2. Position and strength of Venus, the significator of marriage.
    3. The 2nd, 5th and 12th houses and their lords.
    4. Location of Mars in the birth chart
    5. The relationship between the lords of 1st and 7th houses (a crucial determinant of  relationship with spouse)

    Each of these factors will be discussed in great details in our subsequent blogs on this topic.

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