Mind Control, Yoga and Moon

Mind control is key to Happiness.  “Yoga is the inhibition (nirodhaḥ) of the modifications (vṛitti) of the mind (chitta)” as expounded by the sage Patanjali, the founder of Indian Yoga System. However, Mental characteristics and Personality traits are influenced by Planets.  Vedic Astrology can be used to understand individual mental characteristics so as to  help achieve success in  mind control.

In Indian Astrology, the Sun represents the ego and the Moon the mind. The relative positions of the Sun and the Moon (i.e., the tithi or lunar day) therefore give a clue to the amount of harmony that exists between a person’s mind and his ego. Mercury rules the central nervous system and the intellect and his affliction or otherwise is of considerable importance in delineating mental characteristics. The 5th house gives important information not only regarding a person’s intellect (or buddhi) but also regarding his discriminating power (or viveka).

People born on a Full Moon (Purnima) day have a natural conflict between their emotions and their ego. They act hesitantly and are unwilling to let go of the past. There is a tendency to feel sorry for oneself. They display (at least to observers) an outgoing personality. In contrast, people born on a New Moon day (Amavasya) have surprisingly little inner conflict. They tend to be introspective and spiritually inclined. Interestingly enough people born when the Sun and the Moon are 90° apart (ashtami) are likely to have a low level of effort and a lack of discipline almost akin to the lack of activity in the oceans on ashtami. The trinal and sextile soli-lunar dispositions seem to bring about very constructive and harmonious attitudes.

The sign disposition of the Moon is very important. In fiery signs it tends to make one prejudiced, short-tempered and mentally alert. In earthy signs, especially in Taurus, it makes one conservative. People with earth sign Moon like safe and well-tested methods and they display a lot of patience and perseve­rance. The Moon in airy signs gives tremendous mental agility which sometimes gets wasted due to indecisiveness and an inability to concentrate. The situation of the Moon in watery signs gives an intensely emotional nature. Strong affections and persistence are typically present when the Moon is in Cancer or Scorpio. In Pisces, how­ever, it gives a weaker personality than in Cancer or Scorpio but a more religious nature. An affliction can turn this religious nature into self- serving hypocrisy.

The results of the Moon’s situation in diffe­rent signs have to be interpreted with reference to its house placement and to its association with other planets. For example, Mars- Moon con junction or opposition in a chart indicates considerable inner turmoil because of extreme sensitivity to what other people say or do. If this occurs in watery signs it shows rest­lessness based on insecure emotional feelings. In an attempt to get emotional security he or she will try almost anything to please a person while at the same time resenting that person. A Vedic astrologer can provide a very accurate assessment of the mental characteristics of a person by analyzing his horoscope.

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