Moon in Vedic Astrology

Moon symbolizes mind and mother in Vedic Astrology besides other departments of life. Mind controls human action and hence Moon controls human action and is given unique importance in Vedic Astrology, as evident from the following astrological principles.

  1. Moon Chart is given equal importance to lagna chart. Some prominent Vedic astrological authorities even suggest to use moon chart to make most  predictions after some age of the native.
  2. Moon’s house position in Lagna chart is very important. Moon stays two and half days in a sign on the average. That means all born during this period will have the same moon chart but different house positions of moon.
  3. The nakshatra position of moon decides the mahadasha sequence that a person enjoys in life. Thus exact position of moon is important for delineating the timing of life events.
  4. The transit or gochara system is based on moon position in Vedic astrology which is used to make daily/monthly/yearly forecast for different moon signs.
  5. The position of moon (sign and constellation or rashi and nakshatra) is a vital factor in matrimonial match making or marriage compatibility  of soul mates .
  6. Moon’s strength is absolutely necessary in order to arrive at a correct predictions from a horoscope. Moon is the karaka of the 4th house which governs mother, landed property, enjoyments, conveyances, home life, relatives, self-prosperity and education. These factors are all essential in deciding whether  a person is happy or miserable.

Afflictions of moon can cause havoc in one’s life in terms of lack of mind and emotion control. It also contributes to many diseases and misfortunes during this earthly existence. We will discuss some of the factors that contribute to weakness and strength of moon in our future blogs.

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