Moon Astrology

Moon rules Cancer, which is a sign of mysticism. Moon is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. It rules Rohini, Hasta and Shravana and is the starting mahadasha for those born in these nakshatras. Moon is the signiflcator of the welfare of the mother, tranquility of the mind, bathing in the sea, umbrella, good fan, fruits, flowers, tender objects, farming grains, fame, pearls, silver, bell metal, beauty.

Moon born have round and beautiful face, strong but delicate body, dense, soft and curly hairs on head, big, beautiful eyes with long eyelashes and shyness, small hands and feet, big head and medium height.

Moon controls places inhabited by women, places where water (water, oceans, rivers, ponds), medicinal herbs, honey and wine are available and the North-Western quarter.

Moon symbolizes beauty, delicacy, emotions, desires and imagination as well as craziness, lunatic behavior and criminal attitude . Mental maladies occur when Moon is weak in a horoscope and associated with malefics such as Saturn, Rahu or Ketu.

Moon represents water related items like Shells, Conches, Pearls, water grown flowers like Lotus and water-lily, juicy fruits, sugarcane, milk, vegetables, white items like silver, diamonds, camphor, paper, cloth, women and menstruation. cowards, lunatics, spy, night duty on work, messengers, merchants, princes and rich people, people working with water, like swimmers, gardeners, divers, fishermen, washer-men, water-carriers or delivery people.

These are some results on Moon being placed in different houses in a horoscope.

If at birth the Moon is waxing and in the first house (the lagna), the native will possess a strong constitution and will be long-lived. He will be powerful, fearless and wealthy. The effects will be quite reverse if the Moon be waning.

If the Moon be posited in the 2nd house, the person born will be a man of learning, sweet in speech and wealthy. He will have a defective limb and be sensuous.

If the Moon be in the 3rd house at birth the person born will have brothers. He will be lascivious, powerful and strong but very miserfy.

Should the Moon be placed in the 4th house, the person concerned will be happy, will be indulging in sensual pleasures He will be generous in gifts, will have good friends, will have comforts of conveyances and will enjoy a high reputation.

If the Moon be in the 5th house at birth the person will walk gently, will be brilliant and will have good sons. Such a person becomes Minister of a king.

If the Moon be in the sixth house the person born will be short lived, will be stupid and sufferer of stomach ailments. He will also face humiliation.

Should the Moon be housed in the 7th at birth, the person concerned will be beautiful in his looks, and will be loved by a faithful and illustrious wife.

When the Moon occupies the 8th house at birth, the person concerned will be sickly and short-lived.

Should the Moon happen to be in the 9th house, the person born will be wealthy, virtuous and will be blessed with children.

The Moon in 10th house at birth makes the native victorious over his enemies, and achieve success in all his ventures. He will be engaged in pious deeds and will be a supporter of good people.

Should the Moon occupy the 11th house at birth, the person concerned will be high minded, long-lived and wealthy and will be blessed with children. He will also have comforts of servants.

When the Moon is placed in the 12th house, the native is indolent, humiliated and unhappy. Others have animosity against him.

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