Saturn Transit over Natal Planets

Saturn is in Libra in Transit .  It is a significant event that will affect everyone depending on their zodiac signs. Here we list the effect of Saturn transit over individual planets in a horoscope.

(i) When Saturn crosses the Ascendant, the Sun or the Moon there is liability to colds, rheuma­tism or accidents. If coinciding with bad direc­tions, such transits may mark a very serious time: however, under good directions, troubles will be only temporary.

(ii) When Saturn crosses the Sun’s position in the chart, it brings trouble with superiors, losses follow, position and reputation will be in danger, business suffers, trouble through father and hus­band. Health also may fail.

(iii) Saturn in transit over the Moon brings trouble or loss through business, property, family or domestic matters, and house or land; unfortu­nate for mother, wife and female relatives; popu­larity wanes; the health is liable to suffer; the mind may become depressed. This is Janma Sani in Vedic Astrology which is very critical.

(iv) Saturn in transit over Mercury brings trouble through writings, study, books, documents, and occupations and persons ruled by Mercury. The mind is liable to depression and worry, and the nerves will be upset.

(v) Saturn in transit over Venus brings trouble through affection, through social and family mat­ters, and through female friends and relatives. Occupations and pursuits ruled by Venus suffer. Under bad directions there may be scandal or financial loss. If Venus is very well aspected, some gain may occur.

(vi) Saturn in transit over Mars brings danger of quarrels and accidents, change of occupation may occur, rash enterprises are undertaken, sud­den troubles crop up.

(vii) Saturn in transit over Jupiter will bring financial benefits if Jupiter is well placed and aspected at birth; gain through investments and by economy; benefit through religion or law. But if afflicted, danger of loss and trouble.

(viii) Saturn in transit over its own place brings trouble according to its position and aspects at birth. If very well aspected gain through things signified by the planet; but there is more often loss. However it is generally believed that when a planet crosses his own position in the radical chart signifi­cant happenings occur in one’s life mostly for the better. Saturn also crossing its own position in the chart will be of more importance for the native. Great changes will take place. This happens once in 29 years. If we observe what happens during such conjunction at first instance, we may expect similar and more beneficial results for the subse­quent two conjunctions that follow. Other delineations due to various aspects including opposition by the planet transiting radi­cal positions of other planets are also considered as important.

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