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Rahu Kalam is the inauspicious time slot of the day. It is the most dreaded time of the day as per Vedic Astrology and must be avoided in all ventures for success. Rahu Kalam changes according to day of the week and the time of sunrise and sunset. Dependency on sun rise and sun set implies rahu kalam depends on the latitude and longitude of the place.  The easiest way to compute rahu kalam at a particular place on a particular day of the week  is to

1.  Find the length of the day/night.

2.  Divide the length of the day/night  into eight equal portions.

3.  Then assign Rahu Kalam as per the day of the week.

Sundays – 8th portion from the sun rise (set)

Mondays – 2nd portion from the sun rise (set)

Tuesdays – 7th portion from the sun rise (set)

Wednesday – 5th portion from the sun rise (set)

Thursday – 6 th portion from the sun rise (set)

Friday – 4 th portion from the sun rise (set)

Saturday -3 rd portion from the sun rise (set)

Importance of Rahu Kalam can hardly be exaggereted. Swiss watchmaker Borgeaud has released a watch that will display a daily, 90 minute Rahu Kalam (Raju Kaal, Rahukaalam). The time period displayed by the watch is independent of sunrise and sunset and thus, however, is only approximate in indicating Rahu Kalam for the day.

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