Rahu Ketu and Kal Sarpa Yoga

Rahu Ketu Astrology is significant in the context of six eclipses occurring in 2009. A often discussed scary yoga connected to Rahu Ketu position in individual horoscope is Kala Sarp Yoga (KSY).

Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when

  • All the planets should be within the orbit of Rahu and Ketu, For example, Rahu is at 10 degrees Cancer, Ketu at 10 degrees Capricorn and all planets within these degrees from Cancer to Capricorn
  • Rahu should be at the upper end and ketu at the lower end
  • There is no planet outside the arch.
  • No planet should conjunct Rahu or Ketu.

Complete Kaalsarp Yoga is formed only when half of the chart is unoccupied by planets. Even if one planet is outside the Rahu Ketu Axis, there is no Kaalsarpa Yoga. There are many variations of this  yoga.

The person with Kal-sarpa Dosha encounters with many hindrances in his efforts; big effort and little results. There are extreme ups and downs in the individual’s  life. Depending on the placement of Rahu-Ketu houses in this yoga, the results may involve

  • deterioration of health and reduced longevity.
  • imprisonment or serious accident.
  • separation, divorce and marital discord.
  • poverty and destruction of wealth.
  • destruction of business and loss of job.
  • destruction of kingdoms and rulers.
  • downfall in professional life.
  • loss of children and family life.

The name Kala Sarpa sounds scary and is often used by unscrupulous astrologers to scare individuals. Individuals should not be scared by these threats. The results of this yoga must be examined in the full perspective of the horoscope and never in isolation. All the planets and their strengths and aspects must be considered before making a prediction. Remember even great personalities are born with this yoga and no one can be prevented from a meaningful life by just having this one planetary combination.

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