Rahu Mahadasha Benefic Results

Rahu Mahadasha in Vimshottari system in Indian Astrology is eighteen years long and brings Rahu characteristics (often like that of Saturn or Shani) in full action in one’s life. Rahu, the shadow planet in Vedic Astrology, is the north lunar node in Astronomy. In Rahu Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology, we outlined some common experiences during Rahu mahadasha which are often not very positive. However, like Shani Mahadasha, Rahu Mahadasha also brings positives.

Rahu Mahadasha gives good results

  • if  placed in the good houses in the horoscope that is in houses  other than the dusthana houses (sixth, eighth and twelfth houses),
  • if not closely conjunct with any planet or mid point of the house or closely aspecting any other planet
  • and its dispositor is strong.

Rahu represents materialistic pursuits and a benefic Rahu indicates tremendous material prosperity during its Mahadasha. The results can be summarized as follows according to placement of Rahu in the horoscope:

  • Rahu in the ascendant, it activates the person and makes him dynamic and desirous of earning more and more without bothering about the ethical code of the society he is living in.
  • Rahu in the second house, it makes the native a politician trying to acquire status in whatever field he is placed in.
  • Rahu In the third house, it increases initiative and courage and indicates materialistic prosperity to younger brothers.
  • Rahu In the fourth house, it impels one to acquire new assets, vehicles and use of even unfair means for advancement of education and professional matters.
  • Rahu In the fifth house, it indicates gains from speculations and good intuitive faculty.
  • Rahu In the seventh house, it indicates celebration of marriage, happiness in marriage, relations out of marital bond and visiting foreign places.
  • Rahu In the ninth house, it indicates involvement in religious functions and desire for moksha without the corresponding sincere efforts.
  • Rahu In the tenth house, it makes a person diplomatic, a good public relations man, a go-getter capable of achieving his ends through the use of vices.
  • Rahu In the eleventh house, it gives unearned gains through corrupt/manipulative tendencies.

The close conjunction/aspect of Rahu to a functionally benefic, well-placed and strong planet highly activates the significations of the planet in question and gives rise to short lived phenomenal results during its antardasha and mahadasha.

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