Rahu Afflicted

Rahu Afflicted can bring miseries in life. Benefic aspects of Rahu Mahadasha and common Rahu Mahadasha experiences are discussed earlier. Rahu afflictions results are outlined here.

When Rahu forms close conjunction/aspect with natal planets, it causes affliction and destroys the significations of these planets.  The harm is less when the afflicted planets are strong and more when they are weak.  When the planets are weak, badly placed and closely afflicted by Rahu (north lunar node), it is indicative of tragic happenings.

  • Rahu afflicts  Sun, it indicates problems to father, son, husband, heart, blood pressure and character.
  • Rahu afflicts Venus indicates problems to wife, marital relations, kidney, partnerships and educational pursuits.
  • Rahu afflicts Moon is indicative of a sick and troubled mind, malfunctioning of heart, problems to mother and wife and property disputes.  One has to go to far off places and suffer from home-sickness.
  • Rahu afflicts Mars causes wealth, inflames one’s dynamism and courage, diseases of impurity of blood and trouble to younger brothers.
  • Rahu afflicts  Mercury causes skin disease, nervous problems, paralysis, lunacy, intestinal malfunctioning, constipation and confusion.
  • Rahu afflicts Jupiter causes malfunctioning of pancreas and liver, reduces hearing power, makes one selfish and immoral, gives problems to sons, husband, and father and gives a bad reputation.
  • Rahu afflicts Saturn is indicative of labor problem, bad reputation, rheumatism, spondylitis, excess cough and breathing problems.  The physical ailments are more pronounced if the lord of the ascendant is weak, badly placed and afflicted.
  • Rahu in 6th house during its sub-period indicates undiagnosed diseases, intestinal problems, losses through theft and fire, problems in job/profession and inharmonious relations with other family members.
  • Rahu in 8th house during its sub periods, it causes deaths in the family, losses, disintegration of families and obstructions to good living.
  • Rahu in 12th house makes one vulnerable to addiction and gambling, gives threat of imprisonment, losses and expenses, problem of hypertension, thoroughly troubled domestic peace when near the most effective point. It causes health problems, losses through cheating, tendency for excessive indulgence in materialism, mental unrest and problem to parents.

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