Rahu Transit 2013

Rahu Transits (Sidereal) from Scorpio to Libra on 23rd December 2012. Here are the effects that will be experienced by twelve zodiac signs.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Aries

Due to the position of Rahu in Libra, you won’t be able to keep your relations sweet with relatives and partners. Daily routine tasks might also get interrupted. Family members might also behave rude with you. Try to keep yourself at bay from legal issues and litigations as much as possible. Come out of wonderland and recognize the truth of life. Dependency over friends or other supporters will not be good for you. Avoid travels as much as possible. Take care of your health while keeping an eye over food.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Taurus

You will be very successful in your pursuits due to the position of Rahu in Libra. There will be some improvement in working conditions. Time will be positive for financial matters too. You will get support from government as well as powerful people. You will be able to defeat your opponents. Some of yours comfy travels will be fruitful for you. Family environment will be harmonious. There are strong chances of getting profitable deal, but small ailments might trouble you in between. So, take care of your health.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Gemini

Position of Rahu in Libra will affect your decision making skills and abilities adversely. You might stay distracted to some extent. Fake expectations might also distract your aim. You need to curb your tendencies for betting. Don’t let your relations with friends ruin. Restrain yourself from being into litigations and legal issues. Take care of your health. Stomach might get upset due to food poisoning.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Cancer

Due to the transit of Rahu in Libra, some of your attempts might go in vain. Due to which your mental agony might rise. You might also become the vessel for collecting the rage of your bosses as well as senior officers. Possibilities of some troubles are also seen at your place. Disputes with friends as well as supporters are also possible. Therefore, try to inculcate tendencies of dealing with opposite situations, as it will be of great need in coming days. Try to complete all your tasks tidily. Don’t try to earn fast money from short cuts.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Leo

You will stay energetic due to the transit of Rahu in Libra. You will be capable of completing all your tasks in a proper way. You will get praised for your self confidence. You will have sweet relations with brothers and sisters. By the means of media, you will receive some joyous news. Your social circle will expand and there will be a rise in prestige. Situations of your business as well as trade will be favorable. If you are in job, a promotion is seen. You will also get chances to travel.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Virgo

Transit of Rahu into Libra is not much favorable for you. Therefore, you might have to face troubles in day-to-day tasks. Before initiating any new work, think about it from all aspects. A good research is required before any investment. Family environment could also stay stressed or you might turn outrageous due to the feeling of insecurity in the matters related to home. Rivals will try to hurt you. Generally, your health will be fine.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Libra

Your tendencies might turn devilish due to the transit of Rahu in your first house. But remember that haste and hurry will do no good to you. Your relations might get disturbed with females. There are chances of tiff with your spouse. Your loved ones might cheat you. An unknown fear might reside deep inside you all the time. Before initiating any fast money making work, think on it deeply. Live on land, not in wonderland. Consult a doctor immediately if you feel any trouble in your internal organs and also perform Rahu Shanti Puja.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Scorpio

Change in your resident and workplace is possible due to the position of Rahu in Libra. Expenditures might also increase. Controversies with near dear ones are possible. Travels will be exhausting and they won’t profit you much. Family members will feel nostalgic for you. Rivals will try to hurt you. Stay alert from sly friends. They might burn your reputation. You might stay tensed due to the ailment of your family member.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Sagittarius

Transit of Rahu in Libra is positive for you. You will come in contact with some important persons. There will be a hike in income. You will get involved in new ventures. Friends and supporters will help you. You will get profit from long travels. New contacts with foreigners will be made. Family life will be harmonious. Time is good for making love. You will be able to defeat your rivals. Health will be fine. However, some ailments related to ears might trouble you.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Capricorn

Due to the position of Rahu in Libra, your trust in you will be boosted up. You will stay audacious and will struggle for love. There will be a rise in business and trade due to your struggle and hard working nature. Your relations will become sweeter with senior and powerful people. Additionally, you will gain success in the field of your business. You might get big profit from a planned journey. Rivals will be defeated and health will be fine.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Aquarius

This transit will give you mixed results. You will do good work in your business. Your determination will get you success but you need to take special care of your relations with seniors and parents. Ego might take over your personality. This behavior of yours might shake your popularity. Therefore, you need to judge yourself with your conscience.

Rahu 2013 Transit for Pisces

Transit of Rahu in Libra is not very favorable for you. Therefore, accidents during this time might ruin your mental peace. You won’t get much success in your attempts. Don’t let any fear or doubt grow in your mind. There is no such progress seen at workplace too. Keep putting your best efforts for strengthening the relations with business partner and life partner. Go for a health check up regularly. However, you will inculcate some interest in esoteric sciences and you might also get some paranormal experiences.

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