Saturn Astrology

Saturn is the lord of tenth sign, Capricorn and eleventh sign, Aquarius of the celestial zodiac. It is exalted in the seventh sign, Libra owned by Venus and is debilitated in first sign Aries, owned by Mars. It is the slowest planet in Vedic astrology with its synodic period (time to transit through all signs of zodiac) equal to about thirty years.
Saturn represents restriction, limitation and delay. Saturn is the guru who teaches us the realities of our earthly existence. Obstacles, delays, failures, frustrations, displacement, loneliness teach us to look beneath the glamor, reputation, achievement, wealth and social connections. Saturn walks us through these educating experiences and leads us to where we belong and what we deserve according to our action or Karma.

Saturn or Shani Sade sati resulting from saturn transit near natal moon, Ashtama Shani, that is saturn in transit in eighth house from moon are often discussed as periods of transition in Vedic Astrology. Another time period in which Saturn shows its full effect is Saturn Mahadasa, a period of 19 years according to Vimshottari system, experienced in different stages of life by people with different janma nakshatra births.

Know the time periods of Saturn in your life from your Vedic Horoscope and live a meaningful life.

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