Shani or Shani deva is one of the Navagraha of Vedic Astrology. The word Shani means one who moves slowly. As the name suggests Shani takes the longest ( a period of about thirty years) to complete a full transit in all twelve signs of the zodiac. Shani (Saturn) is often one of the most dreaded planets in Indian astrology and there are many prayers and remedies prescribed in Hindu astrology to reduce the effects of Shani on one’s life.

Shani owns the tenth sign Capricorn ( Makara )and eleventh sign Aquarius ( Kumbha )of the zodiac. It is exalted in Libra (Thula) owned by Venus and is debilitated in Aries (Mesha) owned by Mars. Those who are born in either Pushya, Anuradha or Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra have Shani Mahadasha at birth. Shani aspects the third, seventh and tenth rasi from where it is located. Its aspect is very powerful and influences significantly the results of house or planet it is aspecting .

According to Brihat Parashara Hora, Shani has an emaciated and long physique, has tawny eyes, is windy in temperament, has big teeth, is indolent & lame, and has coarse hair. According to Saravali, Shani is Karaka for lead, zinc, black metals, inferior grains, dead relatives, fools, servants, mean women, salable goods, servants, poor people and self restraint. Shani or Saturn is hard work, discipline, commitment, focus, strict and restrictive. It causes delay, separation and loss in every aspect of life, be it marriage, profession, education, children, relationship, income or health.

With strong. functional benefic Shani in the horoscope, one can rise to the highest in earthly life and achieve real happiness. With a weak, functional malefic Shani, one is cursed to live the most wretched existence in body, mind and spirit. Shani reflects the inner strength of a horoscope. We have discussed about Shani Mahadasha and shani sade sati in earlier blogs.

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