Japan elections, Taro Aso and Indian Astrology

Japan Prime Minister Taro Aso has publicly apologised for what he called his failures and for his ruling party’s string of local election losses on July 21, 2009. He spoke hours after dissolving parliament ahead of an early general election scheduled for 30 August. This is day before the Total Solar Eclipse. Our readers may remember earlier warning in our blog Solar Eclipse July 2009 and Japan that “opposition of eclipse point to ascendant point signifies major structural changes in current Japanese Government and policies”

The eclipse point occurs at fifth degree of Cancer in Pushyami nakshatra with Saturn as the lord of the nakshimageatra. The Post War Constitution of Japan was promulgated at 0.00 hrs on 3 May 1947 in Tokyo. The Vedic horoscope of post War constitution of Japan is shown here. Ascendant is Capricorn three degrees, Ascendant Lord is Saturn is at nine degrees Cancer. Based on Moon position, Saturn is current Mahadasha lord.The eclipse point of five degree cancer within five degree orb of Natal Saturn and in direct opposition to ascendant point.

Taro Aso, the Prime Minister of Japan born on September 20th 1940 in Izuka, Japan. His birth time is not known to us. The Vedic horoscope on midday on his birthdate is shown here. Mr. Aso is born in either Ashwini/Bharani Nakshatra with Ketu/Venus Mahadasha at birth in Vimsottari dasha system. Accordingly, he is running Jupiter Mahadasha currently.

The eclipse point of Ausgust 5th 2009 Lunar eclipse is within two degrees of his natal Venus and is along 4th-10th axis of natal moon. In view of these conjunctions and oppositions with eclipse points, Japan may experience difficult times in coming months.

Taro Aso birthchart

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