Solar Eclipse Advice: Astrology and What to do

The longest total solar eclipse of the century will be viewed in Asia on July 22, 2009. There is exceitement and anticipation. During the eclipse, chant the ‘mantra’ (Surya, Hare Krishna, Shiva or any spiritual thought), avoid eating out and postpone work and any major assignments. Watch the eclipse live at Reflect on positive thoughts. Give Charity immediately after the eclipse is over.  The Sootak or Sutak (period of impurity)  begins 12 hours before the Solar Eclipce and 9 hours before in case of a Lunar Eclipse. Sutak Sootak for Solar Eclipse July 2009

For the timing of eclipse in different cities, read Khandgras, Khagras of Solar Eclipse July 2009

Astrology of the eclipse, its influence on individuals and nations is listed in many DecisionCare articles presented here.

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We recommend reading all of these, as each one contains important information needed to understand Eclipse Astrology.

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