Surya Grahan, Solar Eclipse in Vedic Astrology

Surya Grahan is translated as Solar Eclipse in English. It is of tremendous significance in Vedic Astrology. It is described in Mahabharata that there was a total solar eclipse on the fourteenth day of this great battle.  During the eclipse period of total darkness, Arjuna killed Jayadratha with the blessings of Krishna and saved his own life.

The Vedic Astrology recommends all to take bath in holy waters immediately after the eclipse is over. Surya Grahan is the time to fast, purify individual minds and reflect on the cosmic phenomena. It is also suggested not to sight moon directly during a solar eclipse.

The Total solar eclipse will be visible in India from 8:05 AM IST on Wednesday July 22, 2009 (Starts: 6:23 AM, Maximum: 8:05 AM, End: 9:47 AM). Its path is shown here


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