Child Adoption

Adoption loan, Adoption attorneys, adopt a child programs, Christian adoption agencies,  adoption credit, all these phrases reflect the many sides of multi-billion dollar adoption agency industry. Adoption lawyers, domestic adoption agency to international adoption agency, everyone is busy trying to help adopt. Vedic astrology can help us understand if there is success in child adoption destined for adopting family.

An individual may adopt a child when the 5th house is associated or aspected by planets, and when its hermaphrodite (eunuch) lord (Saturn or Mercury) is combined with Mandi, and Jupiter is strong. If the planets in this yoga are weak and the 5th lord has no aspects of benefic or friendly planets, the individual have no children of his own. Here are some planetary combinations responsible for child adoption:

  1. a strong planet in 5th house while its lord is not aspected by any planet ;
  2. 5th lord in the 9th, the ascen­dant lord in a trikona (1st, 5th or 9th house) and the Moon in a malefic sign ;
  3. the ascendant falls in an even sign and the lord of the 5th house occupies the 4th in the Navamsa of Saturn ;
  4. the association of the lord of the 5th house, the Sun and Mercury occurs in a Navamsa of Saturn or of an even sign ;
  5. a strong benefic posited in the 5th house is not aspected by another benefic ;
  6. the 5th house coincides with Capricorn or Aquarius and Saturn aspected by the Moon is placed therein ;
  7. the Moon occupies a sign of Saturn falling as the 5th house and Mercury is without any point of strength ;
  8. when Mars and Saturn occupy the 5th house and when the ascendant lord is in a sign of Mercury or is associated with Mercury ;
  9. the 7th lord  in the 11th house and Saturn or Mercury in the 5th when the lord of the 5th house combines with a benefic ;
  10. 5th lord  in the 9th and the 9th lord  in the 10th house when Mandi aspects the 5th.

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