Life History and Astrological Mahadasha

Life History Analysis, especially own life history, helps us understand ourselves. If life history analysis is done in conjunction with Vedic Horoscope Mahadasha, we understand why specific  things happen to us during a particular time. It enables better forecast and prediction of life events.

Decisioncare provides an excellent online tool free to everyone to create their own history for analysis. Each person create timeline of his life and study with his Vedic Horoscope and mahadasha all for free at on its astrology page hosted by DecisionCare

You can also use many free astrological tools and horoscopes at which help analyze your own individual horoscope on a daily basis .

These free tools are:

  • Daily Sun Sign horoscope,
  • Daily Moon Sign Horoscope,
  • Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Nakshatra
  • Your Vedic Horoscope,
  • Daily Personal transits based on your birth chart,
  • Vedic time cycle dasa mahadasa,
  • Create your life history for astrological analysis
  • Reading material to interpret your Transits and Horoscope in depth

It is a set of astrological tools that we believe you will love and learn to use more and more to feel the power of predictive astrology. Please login at our member site to access these facilities.

Receive Free Predictions for Special Life Events, Horoscopes, Daily Transits and Much More!

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