Republic Day India Sixty Years Celebrations Kanreki

Republic Day India celebrates  sixty years of  its constitution (Kanreki, Honke gaeri) on 26th January 2010.  Sixty Years completion carries tremendous significance in worldwide astrology system. In Vedic astrology, it is the first time Samvatsara cycle (Jupiterean year cycle) is repeated. First Indian Republic Day was in Virodhi Samvatasara and this year in 2010 the republic day will be in the same Virodhi Samvastara again for the first time. Sixty years also is approximately the double transit of Jupiter (five complete cycles) and Saturn (two complete cycles) . To find the astrology of double transits and how it will be as per your own personal birth chart or horoscope, please visit You can find the auspicious moments of the day and your vedic horoscope all for free at

Significance of Sixty Years completion is found in astrology worldwide Traditionally in Japan, when  sixty-first year is reached, they have lived through the entire sixty-year cycle of the traditional eto calendar of ten stems and twelve branches, and returned to the same year and horoscope sign in which they were born. The celebration of this not-small triumph is called Kanreki (pronounced kahn reh-kee).Kan means cycle, and reki means calendar. The celebration is also referred to as Honke gaeri “return to birth-year sign”.

Along with the 12-animal Asian zodiac of Chinese Astrology, each person is born under one of 5 elemental signs (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). These two cycles reset every 60 years. The honoree has been 5 times around the Asian zodiac with its 12 animal years, and so we get 12 x 5 = 60. As a result, a person is said to be starting their second cycle of life at 60. So it is time for a second cycle of life for Indian Republic.

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