Political Elections by Astrology Free E-Book

Welcome to our “Political Elections by Astrology” Free E-Book

We will cover major elections in the world astrologically, discuss Vedic Horoscopes of political parties and candidates, so that voters can also take into account astrological indications before Elections and Polls.

We provide it free of charge online and encourage candidates to provide  their birth data so directly to DecisionCare so that voters can have access to accurate astrological analysis and horoscope.

Currently Indian Lok Sabha Elections are to be held in April and May, so we have the available articles listed in Table of Contents below. We welcome your suggestions and requests to cover any aspect of political elections all over the world.

  1. Political Astrology and Election Predictions
  2. Indian Elections, Free Astrology DecisionCare
  3. Indian Astrology, Congress 2009 Election Horoscope
  4. Indian Astrology, BJP 2009 Elections Horoscope
  5. Indian Astrology, RJD 2009 Elections Horoscope
  6. Indian Astrology, BSP 2009 Elections Horoscope
  7. Indian Astrology, Chiranjeevi Praja Rajyam Party 2009 Election Predictions
  8. Indian Astrology, SP 2009 Elections Horoscope
  9. Indian Astrology, Trinamool Congress 2009 Elections Horoscope
  10. Musharraf, Eclipses and Astrology
  11. Fate of Pakistan, Musharraf & August Eclipses
  12. Trig Palin informs about Sarah palin
  13. Zardari Horoscope, Benazir Bhutto and Pakistan
  14. VP selection timing points to Obama-Biden advantage over McCain-Palin
  15. Tzipi Livni, Israel and Indian Astrology
  16. Palin Astrology
  17. Indian Astrology, Third Front in 2009 Elections
  18. Indian Astrology, Women Power in 2009 Elections
  19. Vedic Astrology, Varun Gandhi and Saturn Mars Opposition
  20. Vedic Astrology and 2009 Indian Elections

There are other politics related articles listed in our astrology articles section. We recommend reading all of the chapters in the present E-book, as each chapter contains important information needed to understand how to use Indian Astrology in judging political elections. If you have any comments or questions, please write them in the comments section of each chapter.

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